I see dead plants

by Lee Louise

I love leaf lace:

Leaf lace

but I love living greenery even more. As a young mother, my home in Oregon was filled with live houseplants. Pothos. Wandering jew. Aloe. I watered. I divided and repotted. I talked to them. I sang for them. I loved those plants. They grew for me. They did not die. Unfortunately, when I look around me now, I see dead plants.

There’s the dead peace lily which lived about 6 years:

peace lily

and the dead hyacinth which lived about 6 weeks:


Often, as in the case of this dead rosemary tree (6 days), they don’t know they’re dead:


How often do I see them? All the time. They’re everywhere.



Is this a Knitting Blog, or not???

by Lee Louise

It has been brought to my attention that knitting (or crocheting or crafting) blogs benefit greatly by having knitting project (or crocheting project or crafting project) posts. And so, today, rather than posting about Memorial Day (hope your picnic was as wonderful as ours, which became a picnic by the simple expedient of eating indoors using paper plates and plastic utensils), I will post some pictures of a mystery knit along that two of my daughters and I are participating in together.

I give you a link to the Ravelry page of the 2016 Year of Lace KAL pattern:


along with my April installment of the miniature leaves pattern:


and my May installment which, instead of manifesting in a flower medallion, became an overall flowerbed or, as I fondly call it, May Groudcover:


I am using beige Tiur from my stash, a discontinued sport weight wool/mohair blend, on size 7 needles. The pattern is for a scarf design, but I am making mine three times as wide as the pattern, and considerably longer, hoping to end up with a shawl that I can wear at work when the heating system isn’t working properly in the wintertime, as is often the case. I love knitting leaf (and flower) lace. I am also enjoying the “mystery” aspect of this project, and I am happily anticipating the coming of the June installment on the first day of next month.

One further note, a teaser if you will: I love greenery, and am currently saddened by the lack of living, thriving foliage in my house… but more of that another day.

A Blog is Born

by Lee Louise

This is my blog. Let me say it again, it has such a lovely, proprietary ring to it — MY blog. The Lee Louise Etc. blog.

I am Lee Louise, knitter, crocheter, teacher. But it’s my than just me. My “Etc” includes my husband and daughters. For one thing, this post would never have been posted tonight (or any night) without the expertise of Tom, my computer engineer/family history expert husband. Who could have guessed that it would be so hard to start a simple little blog?

But even before the technical nightmare began tonight, I was influenced, no, not influenced. Coerced? Bullied? Harassed? by my daughters to begin. I remember driving Margaret home one afternoon, and talking about my desire to teach knitting classes and design knitwear. She spouted off a to-do list that I blithely agreed to, until she said “Start a blog, Mom, you HAVE to start a blog.” I very nearly dropped the whole idea like a hot potato. Me? A blog? You’ve got to be kidding.

Time has passed since that day. I have grown accustomed. Hillary has been instrumental in getting to start, not tomorrow, but tonight. Indeed, she has been nagging me. She is a painter and writer, and will post on this blog. Her current enthusiasm in hand dying silk scarves. Sarah will also post. She is a writer and poet, knitter and embroiderer, and to my way of thinking, she produces some of the best bad poetry I have ever heard. Margaret, a weaver, knitter, potter and artist, must also post occasionally (it’s all her fault, after all), as must Tom. *I has spoken*

Coincidentally, I have three other children as well, and 12 1/2 grandchildren, though they live far enough away that their participation in the blog  will not be required.