A Garden Place

by Lee Louise

When we moved into our Memphis home, there were many features that attracted us. It was big enough to be comfortable, but not so big as to be ostentatious. There was a pantry in the kitchen and other kitchen-type cabinets for food storage in the adjacent laundry and storage rooms. The master bedroom was big enough, not only for a king-size bed, but also for several dressers and shelves. It was an easy commute to our workplace. It was, to put it in a nutshell, ideal. (It still is.)

The yard was full of mature landscaping, and it spoke to us. We sat in the family room that afternoon with the real estate agent, and gazed out the window into a back yard filled with lush greenery, and we listened as it called to us. It felt peaceful, and the house felt like home.

And so, in spite of my tendency to snuff the life out of indoor botanic specimens placed in my care (poor unsuspecting plants), I can enjoy green living things in the yard, where Tom takes meticulous charge of the gardening responsibilities:

Inside, there are pictures of blossoms, beautifully rendered in oil and acrylic, by Hillary:

And, recently, I have resolved to Do Better. I will bring greenery into my home once again. I will care for, nourish and nurture the plants that I have just purchased. I will talk to them, and sing to them, and they will grow. Once upon a time, I had another aloe plant and another spider plant, much the same size as these are now, which grew and multiplied. I divided, rooted and repotted them, and shared them with friends, and there was enough and to spare:

May these new additions to our home share that same fate — Live Long and Prosper!






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