Faux Entrelac Socks

by Lee Louise

To be completely honest, this has been a hard week for me. I haven’t posted on the blog as often as I had planned when I launched it, and my knitting has also suffered. I don’t like to complain, although I am capable of complaining quite eloquently and at great length. (It’s a gift I have.) Suffice it to say that I have endured some pain this week, and I don’t deal with pain well. Finally today, my feet are not swollen nor does my head hurt, and that makes me happy. Tonight, I will blog.

I knit and I crochet, and I am developing classes in both disciplines, which I hope to teach locally and regionally. I belong to an informal Sit and Knit, and the membership has been indulging me by letting me lead workshops in a variety of knitting techniques. Short rows, mosaic stitch, entrelac and, most recently, socks.

Once I start thinking, living and breathing socks, I find myself knitting socks. (Bet you can’t knit just one! I know I can’t!) There is one pattern, in particular, that I have been planning to knit for some time:


and, with people sitting and knitting socks all around me, this pattern is now started. I love letting colored yarn do the work for me. It may LOOK like entrelac, but let me assure you that it is not. The imitation entrelac is formed by a simple 6-stitch lace pattern repeat — no turning, no knitting backwards, no picking up stitches. I went stash-diving, and I’m using Felici, a self-striping yarn from Knit Picks (gotta confess, the Felici originally found its way into my stash specifically so I could knit these socks). I find that I am totally happy with the yarn. It is soft and pleasant to work with. I guess that’s the 75% merino wool working with me.

To date, my progress looks like this:




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