Kiwi Green Shawl

by Lee Louise

I loved knitting the Pembroke Wrap, a triangular shawl designed by Angela Rangel (

I loved the kiwi-ness of the Lamb’s Pride Bulky kiwi green yarn:


I think I knit my Kiwi Green Shawl in the latter half of March 2016, because I know I bought the yarn on March 17 at a St. Patrick’s Day sale. I actually made it to see how quickly I could finish it. It took me 3 or 4 days of dedicated knitting, even with having to unknit 3-4 rows at a time here and there, when I didn’t pay close enough attention to the chart in relation to my knitting, and a full time job. I wanted to see if I could endorse the Pembroke Wrap  as a lace beginner’s project, and I can, with reservations. If the beginner is familiar with reading charts, and is Very Careful, she can do it!!

Using a bulky yarn makes it extra easy to see how to unknit the lace patterns, something that a beginner needs to be able to do. (It’s so much easier to unknit SSK, for example, in a bulky yarn than it would be in a lace or fingering weight yarn. So much easier to see! The extra bulk gives you something to hold on to!) All the geometry of a top-down triangular shawl is here — your garter tab cast on, a garter edge along the top, yarn over increases, two identical triangles making up a larger triangle. A confident beginning lace knitter can make this pattern.

Note to self: Block the shawl and add one more picture here!!

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