My Cumin Scarf

by Lee Louise

Cumin is a seed within a seed, a fact that I learned by listening to The Seasonings, an Oratorio, by P.D.Q. Bach, S. 1 1/2 tsp. Given that my source is P.D.Q. Bach, you may want to take my teaspoon of cumin with a grain of salt. The image has remained with me, however, and as I knit my Scarf in a Scarf kit from Skeino, in color Aida, I came to think of it as my Cumin Scarf. The color is about right, after all.

I bought the kit from the Skein-o booth at Stitches South 2015. The hardest part was choosing from all the delightful colorways! I loved the golds and oranges and browns in this kit:


and so that is the kit that came home with me. I also loved the pinks and purples, the greens and blues, and etc., etc. Take a look and see if you could possibly pick just one:

In May 2015, I had foot surgery.  As planned, this was my first knitting project as I recuperated from foot surgery in mid-May of that year:


The mindless garter stitch was just the right kind of knitting for a brain enhanced by painkillers. I think that I only missed one buttonhole, the last one. (I know that I unknit about 8 ridges to put it in; now that I’m thinking coherently again, I think I should have just used a little embroidery to pull the garter stitches apart to form the semblance of a buttonhole.) I might have missed one or two buttonholes earlier in the scarf and backed up for them as well, though certainly not 16 whole rows. I just don’t remember. What’s remarkable is that I was actually able to count those ridges between the buttonholes!

The stitching was heavenly, I do remember that. The coordinating scarf adds just the right touch:


Merino and silk is now my blend of choice…


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