The Multi-Tasker

by Lee Louise

Meet Sarah the Camera Shy. Writing this post has been rather stressful all around, rather like pulling teeth, as I nagged Sarah to share some pictures. This picture, one that I snapped last night, is typical Sarah as she sits in a corner of the couch reading, knitting, listening to stuff, and watching TV. All at the same time. I give you Sarah the MultiTasker:



Sarah is a master of lace knitting:


as well as cabling and entrelac:

Her cross stitching is exquisite. She prefers intricate patterns on the theory that it gives her more time to “have fun with it.” *end quote*


I am fond of saying that I taught Sarah to read when she was three years old. It’s true that she started reading at that age, but she has never admitted that I might have had any part in “teaching” her to do so. She just smiles enigmatically. It is also true that Sarah is a speed reader capable of reading a 500 page book in two hours. With total comprehension. I stand in awe of this capability. At one time her father and I tried to screen her reading, by reading what she read. That was an epic failure — we couldn’t keep up.


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