A Pair of Socks

by Lee Louise

I am thrilled to announce that today I finished a pair of socks. That is, a pair as in two. I guess that may mean I finished two half pairs of socks today.

First, my Faux Entrelac sock is done, from the turning of the heel to the grafting of the toe. Done, done, done!!

Washed and modeled:


The other half pair of socks I finished today is child sized, made over my Go-to Sock Pattern, officially known as Priscilla’s Dream Socks (http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/priscillas-dream-socks). I used Cotton Fleece for this iteration of the sock. I have used this pattern before and will use it again. The short row heel and toe, with the Greek zigzag bind off, makes for a very wearable sock. Made in sock weight yarn, the zigzag bind off is not nearly so prominent as it is here, in worsted weight:

Some of my Tuesday Knit Night friends have finished socks too. Here’s Sandy and Elizabeth, proudly displaying their very own Dream Socks:


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