Consider the Daylily

by Lee Louise

I’ve posted images of this painting before, but somehow I can never get enough of it.


It hangs on the wall of my kitchen, easily visible from where I sit at my computer. I could sit and look at it all day, and all night. I don’t, of course. Sometimes I type and make blog posts too. The greens are so intense, so alive. Hillary truly is an artist.

It’s June in Memphis, and the daylilies are blooming. There are three (at least three) patches of daylilies in my gardens. There are daylilies near the road by the mailbox. There are more daylilies in the back yard, up the hill towards the shed. But the patch that made me stop and get my camera out on my way to work one morning is near the driveway, halfway between the road and the carport. Beauty like this, I reasoned, deserves to be documented:

What I didn’t know at the time is someone was documenting the documenter:



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