by Lee Louise

Someone had a birthday. Someone turned 3 last weekend. It is always a joy to visit with my children, and see the grands:

I will be the first to admit that I am not the world’s best photographer. I have not yet mastered the snapping of beautiful, clear shapshots:


but I include that substandard photo because we gave Grandson #3-04 a Tonka metal bulldozer for his birthday — there is it, in the fuzzy, out-of-focus foreground. I much prefer the picture my daughter sent:


but you can’t see the bulldozer in her picture, and the bulldozer is, ostensibly, the subject of this post. That is to say, it is the chookie-chookie.

The bulldozer brought back happy memories of long ago. My parents had a shelf and a box in their living room closet, devoted to toys and games for their grands, my children and my sister’s children, to play with when they came to visit. (I have a shelf of children’s books and a tub of toys in my own family room to keep small persons entertained. We call them Grandma’s books and Grandma’s toybox.) There was one toy in particular that brought hours of pleasure to my father and my children. It was a small yellow metal bulldozer, maybe 4 inches long by an inch high. I fondly remember him playing with them. My dad would manipulate that bulldozer, often following (chasing?) a child around the room, or running it along a child’s arm or leg as they were held captive in a high chair. All the while, he would make bulldozer noises, “Chookie, chookie, chookie…”  And that’s how all bulldozers became chookie-chookies, and that is what we gave him for his birthday.

The chookie-chookie was a big hit. When he fell asleep that night, he fell asleep cuddling his new chookie-chookie.

I also left behind a little hat for the new baby who is due to arrive next month:

(Same hat, modeled by a stuffed owl on the left, and by an apple on the right. Made with self-striping sock yarn and the Easy Peasy Newborn Sock Hat pattern.)

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