Yarn Angels

by Lee Louise

Yarn dolls at our house did not originate with Sarah during Finals Season (as she so quaintly calls it). When the children were small, I made yarn dolls for them to play with. Quite often, I would use 1/2 to a full skein of yarn for a single doll. Sometimes the dolls would have straw hats glued to their heads. Sometimes when the children were older, the dolls would have belts and corsages of silk flowers, once again applied with hot glue.

We used to have craft themes for birthday parties. I recall helping Sarah and her friends craft yarn dolls when they were old enough to “dress” their dolls with silk flowers and a hot glue gun. Some of those dolls were quite remarkably lovely.

But, it is true that yarn angels as ornaments for the tree became a serious production craft when Sarah was instead-of-doing her studying for finals at college. I love her yarn angels. They always have positions of prominence on the tree. She sometimes uses 1 inch wide ribbon for the wings, but my favorites have dainty filigree wings.

My friends, I give you a sampling of Sarah’s angels:



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