A Learning Adventure

by Lee Louise

I love to teach. The preparation, for me, is almost as much fun as the actual class time. I choose a technique, then I evaluate designs (and the evaluation process can take hours). I try to choose a design that will focus on mastering the technique, and that will be fun to knit at the same time! Then we start a learning adventure together.

Recently I led a workshop on socks. Specifically, Priscilla’s Dream Socks, knit from the top down on double point needles, with short row heel and toe. Most of the participants knit one child-size sock with worsted weight yarn. That is what I asked them to do. I chose the child-size sock in worsted weight yarn so they could finish in a timely manner, and most everyone did finish in two sessions. We were all delighted with the results, me most of all.

I love it when the rewards continue to accrue after the workshop ends, and they continue their individual learning adventures. Sandy is knitting a fraternal twin to her class project. Beth is knitting a pair of adult-sized socks in fingering weight yarn. And Cathy has moved forward on tiny sock adventures of her own:


I am so proud.


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