Grandma x 13

by Lee Louise

Tonight a baby boy made his impetuous way into the world, making me a grandmother for the 13th time. That little speck of humanity weighs 7 lb 14 oz (exactly the same as his mama did, yea-many years ago), and is 20 inches long. They tell me he has blue eyes and dark hair. They tell me he is beautiful. I couldn’t be prouder.

I left a hat for him last time we went to visit:


and maybe there will be another picture, with an animate model, to post soon (hint, hint).

I’ve been knitting some, and finishing some projects. I have completed my variant of the July installment of the 2016 Year of Lace shawl. It took longer than I expected, but it was worth every minute of knitting time:


I have completed a Tsuga shawl, which is at the blockers, destined to be a gift for a  young friend who is leaving for Mongolia next month:

And I’ve started a pair of gray Tootsie Roll socks for Tom. One sock is cast on, and since his foot has a 10 inch circumference, casting on is not a small feat, and I have knit a mere 3/8 inch of ribbing. This does not merit documentation so, no sock picture tonight.

Wishing everyone happy–




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