Roly Poly Roll Brims

by Lee Louise

Tonight, amidst thunderstorms rolling through the area, and alone in the house so that I am uninterrupted in my creative and literary endeavors, I have been taking pictures of my knitted projects, so that I can document them on the blog. And hey, it’s kind of fun!

I have made 5 hats using or, in the language of the republic (that is to say, non-hyperlinked English), Michele DuNaier’s pattern, Roly Poly Roll Brim. These hats are like potato chips. Remember the old Lay’s commercial, “Bet you can’t eat just one?” — well, you can’t knit just one of these. At least I couldn’t.

The first one is MY hat, and I wore it quite a bit this past winter. I used Noro Silk Garden 359 Neutrals, with a touch of Rowan Hemp Tweed at the very top. I needed the Rowan to finish the hat when I ran out of the Noro (I started with one full skein and scraps; the scraps proved to be insufficient):

I made the second, red hat because I had so much knitting the first. Denise, one of my coworkers, has laid claim to it. Yardage? 1 1/2 skeins of KnitPicks Wool of the Andes in cranberry:

Hats 3, 4 and 5 were conceived as a group. A planned group. A co-ordinating group, even:


Bought for a totally different, and unrelated, project, these 4 skeins of Liberty Wool yarn (7865 Violet Glen) were originally supposed to become a Molly scarf. And, for a year or two, 4 inches of Molly scarf hibernated on a shelf in my closet.

However, when I decided my German grandchildren needed hats, I gladly repurposed this yarn, and I am truly delighted with the results. The Liberty Wool has a self-striping character that makes the Roly Poly ridges sing. The tassels morphed into yarn dolls – a girl yarn doll for K.J. and a boy yarn doll for E.C.:


With the remaining yarn, I knit a headband for their father, my son-in-law Justin, to wear in the cold German sunrises when he is out jogging:



Yes, Michele DuNaier’s Roly Poly hat brim has given me inspiration for my future hat making. I can’t imagine ever making a beanie with ribbing again. (Not if I am going to wear it, for sure!) The roll brim is now part of my formalized conception of a knitted hat.



2 thoughts on “Roly Poly Roll Brims

  1. The hats look lovely! I will end up fighting him for that headband. But at least we have one for each of us now. It was 8 Celsius yesterday morning, feels like fall already. (hint hint nudge nudge wink wink)

    K.J. The hat is very beautiful. Thank you!

    E.C. Thank you grandma for making that hat for me. I love you very much.


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