One Goal Met

by Lee Louise

On July 19, I publicly set a goal for myself in one of my Ravelry group threads: that I would “Update my projects page on Ravelry with pictures and commentary for completed projects that were finished long before this WIP-a-thon-along started .” This turned into a roller coaster of delights, and dismays, as I pulled projects out of long-forgotten hiding places and took pictures to post, and wrote reams of notes. If you looked at my projects page tonight —  every single entry, whether fo (finished object) or wip (work in progress), has at least one picture and some commentary. If I don’t quit patting myself on the back, I’ll get bursitis in my shoulder…

Unforunately, as my virtual footprint improved, the state of my workroom did not, and I hear some expressions of discontent regarding this, since the frenzy erupted in the family room:

I tell them, “This too shall pass.”

The final picture I added to my projects page this month, the documented project that completes this July goal, is of a crocheted sampler blanket, that I completed sometime in the 1990’s. All I can say is  “Wow.” It’s been years since I looked at this afghan, and I had never taken pictures of it before. It’s HUGE — I had forgotten how big! There used to be two Leisure Arts booklets, one with 63 “easy” crochet patterns (#555, still in print), and the other with 63 “more” easy crochet patterns (#2146), both by Darla Sims. Looking for interesting patterns (no blocks with just sc or just hdc or just dc for me, thank you!) I took some squares from each booklet. I used Patons Astra (still available) in all the pastel shades I could find — pink, green, blue, orange, purple, yellow — and used a crochet join in white, and crocheted an outer border in pink (the only color I could find with enough skeins, at that point — I had bought the shop out of its inventory of pastel Astra). I believe I was getting 2 1/2 blocks from each skein, but it’s been so long ago, it might have been less. 1 1/2 maybe? Certainly not more.

A full size afghan, made according to the pattern, would be 7 x 9, or 63 squares. I made only 6 x 8, or 48, squares, and it is plenty big enough. Actually, I love this blanket quite a lot. I’m glad that I used DK instead of worsted, it gives the patterns a lighter, lacier look.

This blanket brings back memories. Jumbled memories? Perhaps so. I know I made it with some vague intention to give it away, but I didn’t at the time, and I don’t think I can now. It’s so beautiful! And I love to look at it. It makes me happy.


Good night, July! See you all in August!


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