by Lee Louise

I passed by what is left of the Richardson Towers today. My daughter Katherine had a scholarship that included tuition, room, board, books… and she lived in Richardson Towers for three years. It wasn’t that we lived that far from campus. Indeed, her first day of class as a freshman? She stopped by home for breakfast on her way to class because it was on the way!

Memories are fleeting. As the old is demolished, the replacement dormitory rises behind:


The public school children went back to class last Monday, and there are new obstacles to dodge on my way to work. School buses. Children in crosswalks. Crossing guards. I leave five minutes earlier to get to work on time. But, in two more Mondays, it will be even worse — probably 10-15 minutes worth of worse. On that day, classes will start at the university, and the traffic!!!  The backups at the traffic lights!!! The jaywalking pedestrians!!!

The incoming freshman won’t see a memory, just a dusty construction (destruction?) site behind a wall of blue plastic, which will soon be an empty lot. For them, progress.

But not for me. I still remember Katherine.


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