Mystery Hat

by Lee Louise

If you knit, you know that these days many of the new knitting patterns are rendered in chart form. Being a math major, charts make sense to me, and I use them faithfully, referring to the written instructions only minimally. I also encourage others to use charts, and have taught workshops on this topic.

Recently, I designed a “mystery” hat for my Tuesday night sit and knit group to knit with me. Why a mystery? Because I didn’t know what its finished form would look like when I started it. I knew that it would have a roll brim, that it would incorporate a medley of knit-purl textured stitch patterns divided by purled welts, that it would be a “slouchy” hat as opposed to a beanie, watchcap, pillbox or some other type of hat, and that it would have an i-cord drawstring at the stop, so it could also be worn as a cowl.

I watched it grow:

And as it grew, I came to believe that I had a keeper. It is done now, and I am still surprised by its awesomeness. It has a roll brim and textured panels divided by purl welts, as planned:

When tied tight, the i-cord at the top forms a charming rosette (a delightful surprise):


It looks good without a head or with:

With a ponytail or without:

And also as a cowl:


If you’re wondering whether I knit a gray hat AND a beige hat, I did not. All the pictures are photos of the same hat. The true color is gray, specifically it is Baruffa Merinos Sei’s light gray colorway, and I estimate it took about 300-325 yards of this wonderful 100% merino yarn to make a hat with a 24 inch circumference that is roughly 9 1/2 inches tall before cinching. The pattern is also sized for smaller heads.

It’s worth every yard of the three balls of yarn I pilfered from my stash!

P.S. The pattern is currently a work-in-progress, but I am working on it, and I’ll let you know when it’s published and available.




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