LYS Destination: Birmingham, Alabama

by Lee Louise

We all have our favored LYS — the local yarn store. I have two that I visit often, here in the Memphis area, but that doesn’t stop me from seeking out new yarns and new friends in new areas. My ongoing mission? To seek out new yarn communities, to boldly go where other knitters have gone before. And to go again!

In January 2015, my daughter was quite ill in Birmingham, and we made our first trip of many to that area. That is when I first stepped inside the doors of Memory Hagler Knitting where knit happenz in Vestavia Hills, Alabama, and it was a beautiful sight. I was made welcome by the owner, who sat at a large rectangular table, helping her customers. And there was beautiful yarn, the balm for my troubled soul, displayed all around:


I joined the group at the table, and admired the yarn and enjoyed the camaraderie. Quantities of yarn in all colors, brands and fibers met my eyes:


I took a walk around the shop and saw buttons and patterns and books and shop samples and More Yarn:



Yesterday I got an email from KnitHappenz, advertising their Back to School Blowout Sale, which started today and will run Tuesday through Friday of next week, and I wish I could go, but I can’t this time.

I have only been to KnitHappenz four times, but the last time I walked in the door, Holly recognized me, asked after my daughter and grandkids, and made sure there was a place at the table for me. When my destination is Birmingham, KnitHappenz is my LYS!!







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