Infinity is Really Big, or, Infinity + 3

by Lee Louise

Now, some of my family think that I know my mathematics since I majored in Math as an undergraduate. I will admit that, at one time, I knew lots of mathematics. Truth compels me to admit, sadly enough, that I have also forgotten lots of mathematics. However, one fact remains, embossed on my brain. And if you know your mathematics too, you probably also know this one fact that has remained with me over the years: Infinity is Really, Really Big. In fact, it can’t get any bigger. So, by adding 3 more, you don’t in actuality HAVE 3 more, you still “just” have infinity.

Recently, I began thinking about my wip’s (wip = Work In Progress). There are times when it feels like I have an infinite number of wip’s, besides owning a sizeable stash (stash is yarn stockpiled for starting as-yet-unstarted projects). My husband has expressed a conviction that I do not need to add to my stash, which seems rather heartless to me.

And so, I decided to add 3 more wip’s to my already infinitely large set of wip’s. While the total, inexpressible number of Lee Louise’s wip’s did not get any bigger, I did manage to decrease my stash by 2 skeins of beautiful blue Ella Rae Merino Lace DK, 1/2 skein of Burnt Earth Foothills Fingering from Lost City Knits, and the remaining partial skeins of manly gray Regia 4-ply.

And so, on one memorable day earlier this month, I started them one after another in one fell swoop, and the 3 new wip’s looked something like this:

That’s a blue Catlett Shawl (Susanna IC design), a red Master of the Horses, Hounds, and Hawks Mitt (Elizabeth Ravenwood), and a gray Neverland and Oz sock (Heidi Nick), if you couldn’t guess that from the pictures. And I don’t expect you could.

I am making some progress:


I am having fun. I added 3 to infinity and infinity didn’t get bigger; when I finish these 2 wip’s, and subtract 2, infinity will not get smaller. BUT, my stash has decreased to the tune of the depletion of all of my wool and nylon blend sock yarn. If I hope to knit another pair of socks, I. Must. Buy. More. Stash.




2 thoughts on “Infinity is Really Big, or, Infinity + 3

  1. I love, love, love your 9/21/16 blog! To Infinity and Beyond!!! (Buzz Lightyear there) It is quite inhumane that your DH thinks you don’t need to add to your stash…How else could you knit more sock for him–or anyone else for that matter. Idea: Tell him how much money you’ve saved by making gifts for everyone!!! Knitters rise up!

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