Completed Shawl and Mitts

by Lee Louise

I’ve been doing a lot of knitting since the beginning of October. The first weekend in October was prime knitting time, as I knit through General Conference. 10 hours of knitting, my friends! It was a truly remarkable experience. Uplifting. Productive.

I finished my version of Susanna IC’s Catlett Shawl, having extended the lace pattern by several 4-row repeats:


Catlett is modeled here by Real People:

Then I got to work on my Master Mitts again. The pattern is Elizabeth Ravenwood’s Master of the Horses, Hounds, and Hawks Mitts. I finished the left hand mitt that weekend and started the right hand mitt before the closing Conference talk:

Notice how much nicer it looks when worn by Real People, and not by my keyboard?

Now, I was knitting both these projects for KALs, and the deadline for the shawl wasn’t until today, so that was done, blocked, photographed, and posted in plenty of time. I like to finish by the deadline so I can be eligible for prizes (I need all the free yarn and patterns and bags that I can get!) But those mitts — starting the right hand mitt was not the same as finishing the pair of mitts, and the October 7 deadline was for a finished pair. Well, I came home from work that evening and we turned on The Hobbit and a marathon started. We watched 7 or 8 delightful hours of Martin “Bilbo Baggins” Freeman wandering around the New Zealand countryside, and I knit. And knit. And knit some more. We were into the third movie when the midnight hour tolled, and that right hand mitt was still unfinished, by only 5 or 6 rounds on the thumb:

So, we paused The Hobbit in the middle of the third movie, I took pictures of my Failed KAL entry, and posted. Then we resumed watching (and knitting, and finishing ends), and at 12:47 a.m. on October 8, I was well and truly finished with both mitts, just 47 minutes late for the KAL deadline.

On September 6 I had written: “After all, how long can it take to knit a couple of mitts?…” Well, I guess we know now!


Death to the Orange ~~ by Hillary

Sour spray fills the air

signal to the end

fingers dig under bitter peel

hands collect stickiness

creating skin-tight gloves.

Peel falls in a single piece

nails scrape white

gather it into their tips.

Core rips from the sphere,

splits in half

broken chance for survival.

Seeds dig out of flesh,

to find the hollow peel

their living burial, dead.

Wedge by wedge

membrane crushes,

juice runs down the throat.