Completed Shawl and Mitts

by Lee Louise

I’ve been doing a lot of knitting since the beginning of October. The first weekend in October was prime knitting time, as I knit through General Conference. 10 hours of knitting, my friends! It was a truly remarkable experience. Uplifting. Productive.

I finished my version of Susanna IC’s Catlett Shawl, having extended the lace pattern by several 4-row repeats:


Catlett is modeled here by Real People:

Then I got to work on my Master Mitts again. The pattern is Elizabeth Ravenwood’s Master of the Horses, Hounds, and Hawks Mitts. I finished the left hand mitt that weekend and started the right hand mitt before the closing Conference talk:

Notice how much nicer it looks when worn by Real People, and not by my keyboard?

Now, I was knitting both these projects for KALs, and the deadline for the shawl wasn’t until today, so that was done, blocked, photographed, and posted in plenty of time. I like to finish by the deadline so I can be eligible for prizes (I need all the free yarn and patterns and bags that I can get!) But those mitts — starting the right hand mitt was not the same as finishing the pair of mitts, and the October 7 deadline was for a finished pair. Well, I came home from work that evening and we turned on The Hobbit and a marathon started. We watched 7 or 8 delightful hours of Martin “Bilbo Baggins” Freeman wandering around the New Zealand countryside, and I knit. And knit. And knit some more. We were into the third movie when the midnight hour tolled, and that right hand mitt was still unfinished, by only 5 or 6 rounds on the thumb:

So, we paused The Hobbit in the middle of the third movie, I took pictures of my Failed KAL entry, and posted. Then we resumed watching (and knitting, and finishing ends), and at 12:47 a.m. on October 8, I was well and truly finished with both mitts, just 47 minutes late for the KAL deadline.

On September 6 I had written: “After all, how long can it take to knit a couple of mitts?…” Well, I guess we know now!


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