I am glad for many things

As Thanksgiving approaches, I find that I am mindful of many things that make me happy. Some things are related to the holiday, the time of year, the songs we sing. Family, church, and nation.

But today, I am especially happy for my 5 1/2 day weekend, which started Tuesday at noon!

I intend to make the most of my holiday weekend, which has been carefully augmented with annual leave to stretch to a total of 140 hours. Family will visit, and the design for a bolero for an upcoming wedding will be chosen. Thanksgiving dinner will be created and eaten. Savored, even. Stores will be visited this weekend, small local businesses that enjoy my patronage, none of them in the mall.

Today I am also glad that my size 8 24-inch circular needle is no long being held hostage by a hibernating project:ramblingrows_et_2

16 years ago, I took a mitered squares class at Yarn to Go in Memphis, and started this little sweater as my class project. This Rambling Rows Jacket has been in hibernation for 16 years, but today I have finished it, as a holiday gift for one of my grandsons. I am glad that the circular needle, barely visible but in evidence in that picture, is available again… I have missed it.

16 years ago, I stopped on the buttonhole row since I didn’t know whether to put the buttonholes on the boy-side or the girl-side. A Yarn to Go bag (including the receipt and all the ball bands! imagine that!), the partially finished (so close to completion!!) sweater, the pattern, and a perfectly serviceable size 8 24-inch circular needle went into my closet. Many times over the years, I have remembered the needle, and regretted it.

Today, I finally took this project out of the closet to finish it. The buttonholes are now on the boy side, and I will buy buttons when I go shopping Friday (or Saturday).

Finished. Or close enough to call it finished.

I had forgotten the other reason I put this project aside. The center back join was a disappointment, to put it mildly. In actuality, it was NOT a join — there was a hole the size of a nickel where those four squares were supposed to come together. So tonight, I darned that hole closed, and only I will know it was ever there.



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