Delving the Depths

by Lee Louise

Okay. My oldest, antique-est wip on my Ravelry projects page, now that I have finished the Rambling Rows sweater, is Lochinver, an Alice Starmore gansey. Begun in 2002, it languishes. This fall, I have entered it in three separate finish-it-by-such-and-such-a-date challenges, and failed twice. The finish date for the third one looms — January 1, 2017. Ideally, I would like it to be finished by Christmas.

A few months ago, in a fit of organization and reordering, I excavated a lot of old projects and wips from their various hiding places, and made project pages for them all. As I was creating the project page for Sarah’s Lochinver wip, I found the receipt, dated October 5, 2002, for 12 skeins of yarn. That really pinpointed it for me! No guessing at all, but an added source of guilt. I have been instead-of-finishing that sweater for 13, maybe 14 years now!

This project entered the hibernation state when I got to the point where the instructions told me to GRAFT the shoulder seams. I’ve spent some time (14 years?) waffling over this — graft? would a 3-needle bind off be just as effective? It’s a shame, because Sarah bought the yarn herself. Occasionally, she has reminded (nagged?) me about this project… she was storing it in her room somewhere…

Well. On 30 July 2016, the sweater came downstairs from the limbo of Sarah-land so I could take progress pictures for my projects page. That day, Lochinver was officially designated a WIP. I know where it is; I have no excuse. Based on a poll in one of the Ravelry gansey groups, I have decided to use 3-needle bind off on the shoulders, instead of trying to graft them. (That decision was a relief. I began to feel hope.) Then, with just four balls of yarn left, I will attempt to knit two full length sleeves. My fear is that the sleeves will be too short. But hey, if they are, they can be 3/4 length sleeves. Or 7/8 length. And that is okay, because shorter sleeves might be more realistic for the climate here in the MidSouth anyway.

I had forgotten how lovely it is.

The yarn is actually a deep, violet red, and not the pale, wimpy red in the pictures. For some reason my phone captures only the red, and not the deep or the violet…


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