A Note of Encouragement

by Lee Louise

Is it gray and dreary where you live? Are mountains sliding down the hillsides? Are the potholes big enough to swallow your car?  Are you dreading the floods that will wreak havoc when the snow finally  does thaw?

Worst yet: Is it snowing? AGAIN??

Don’t lose hope, my friends. Spring will come to you too!!

Forsythia above the retaining wall in the side yard:

Battalions of daffodils blooming under the dogwood tree:daffodils-5




by Lee Louise

We had a family reunion at Christmas time. My five daughters were all there:


With their families:


Our son and his family were sadly missed, but their new baby was born December 31, so travel for them was problematic.

Then in February we gathered again, this reunion celebrating a wedding:

My heart is full. Life is good to me.